Frequently asked questions

What is Mornin?

Mornin Chrome Extension helps people understand better where they are spending their time . It automatically categorizes the events on Google Calendar and color codes them.

What access does Mornin Chrome Extension require to work?

Mornin requires read access to understand the context of your calendar events and categorize them. It doesn't make any change to your calendar data.

Can I use Mornin Chrome extension offline?

Mornin requires a stable internet connection to analyze your calendar events and color code them.

What do the different categories mean?

  • Planning - Defining strategy and listing down an action plan for the future. e.g. Quarter Planning, Sprint Planning
  • Reviews - for time spent reviewing other's work or getting your work reviewed. e.g. Product Reviews with Senior Management, Architecture Reviews
  • Execution - Creating and building. e.g. Coding, Writing Product Specs, Brainstorming on a Problem
  • People Management - Interviews, 1-on-1s with reports, Performance Reviews
  • Townhalls - Large company wide meetings
  • Other - Because machines aren't perfect

My events are categorized incorrectly. Why?

Mornin looks at your calendar event properties and tries to figure the right category for the event. It gets better as you keep on using the product. You can correct the event category if you feel it is incorrect. This will help train our models and become better at understanding your events.

How can I uninstall Mornin Chrome Extension?

You can switch off the extension by clicking on Mornin Lite icon on the browser and then clicking on the toggl button. This will remove all color coding and elements added by Mornin Lite and your calendar will be rendered in the default mode. To uninstall, click on the extensions icon. It looks like a jigsaw piece. Click on the menu icon next to Mornin Lite and select uninstall. We're sorry to see you leave. We will appreciate a lot if you can share with you what led to this decision. You can reach us at hello [AT]